Floating Mat – the summer’s new trend!

If you are a fan of water and summer enthusiast, the new Floating Mat is the accessory that you should always have with you!

It is a revolutionary floating mattress, made of high density foam, which makes it very easy to use, transport and store. The Floating Mat, measuring 340×180 cm, weighs 9 kg only and can comfortably accommodate two families or a large group! It is ideal for excursions to the sea, water activities, and even an escape from the crowded beaches, since you can sit or lay down safely on it. It has reinforced hoops to tie it to your boat and extend its surface!

The sea layer that does not need to be inflated!

Its construction material is of excellent quality, specially made for the sea, lake or pool and tested for its durability. The Floating Mat is easy to clean, dry, transport and store thanks to its light weight and lashing straps.

Dimensions: 340 x 180 x 3cm

Weight: 9kgr

Packaging dimensions: 180 x 40 x 40cm

Exclusive importer  Made For Fitness

contact info:

PHONE: 0030 6936971336


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